Protean Disks


Creators and Discoverers - Number 1 - February 1999

On the Wall, too derivative, man!
Protean Disks

These three disks were originally installed vertically on a white wall. Boring. Obviously inspired by the Aztec Sun Calendar, but far too derivative to stand on their own. So, what to do? I decided to place them in various locations, leave them for a couple of hours and hope someone would come along and take them. No such luck. They were left at several sites until I tired of lugging them around. (I would have left them on the telephone poles, but I was afraid they'd fall and crush someone's skull) They were abandoned at the end of a dirt road east of Bozeman. Their final fate is unknown.

On the Rails

Travelers on the rails

On Tellyphone poles

On Telephone poles


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Updated August 2005


Creators and Discoverers
Number 1 ------- February 1999