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-RELINQUISHED ART - Creators and Discoverers - Number 1 - February 1999

Sand-casted plaster, wood, each 5' H, 1990

This installation was one of the first pieces I "relinquished". It was installed on a beautiful Autumn afternoon along the banks of the Bitteroot River, south of Missoula, MT. The search for just the right sandbar took several days but, finally, a suitable site was found. It took an entire Saturday to install the pieces, but once done, I was pleased.

I returned the following day. They had been removed from the sandbar. I figured some kids picked them up and tossed them in the river but, after much investigation, they were not found in the crystal clear water. I never saw them again.

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Updated February 2011

Creators and Discoverers
Number 1 ------- February 1999