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Submission Guidelines:
Unsolicited materials are accepted. Contributors can be the artist or a passer-by. A clear photo, detailed drawings, or other forms of visual documentation must be included, maximum size 8.5" x 11". Articles are also accepted on the subject matter, but photos or detailed drawings must accompany any articles. Please provide dates and specific locations of the -RA- you have found. Multiple submissions are acceptable, but they may not appear in the same issue. If you wish to remain anonymous, (either the artist and/or contributor), please state this adamantly.

If you are sending updates on previous submissions, state this clearly in your correspondence. Updates would include information on sites that have been altered, or even destroyed.

No cash payment is offered for submitted materials. However, both the contributor and the artist, (if known) will be credited and receive a free copy of -RA-.

If you wish to have your contribution included on this web site, .jpg, or .bmp, image must be included on disk, or you may send it via email to the editor. Also, send your email and web sites; a links section will be created on the -RA- web page.

RELINQUISHED ART does not include so called "Public Art," commissioned art, or any art purchased to be placed at any given site. -RA- does include any visual art; sculpture, installations, drawings, outdoors, or indoors.

Publication is not guaranteed and at the sole discretion of the Editor. Submission implies that one time publication rights are extended to the Editor.

Apologies are offered to any artist who may not wish to be included, but has been, thanks to the good intentioned efforts of a contributor.

Send your submissions to:

PO Box 341751
Milwaukee WI 53234-1751

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Updated December 2006


Creators and Discoverers