- Creators and Discoverers - Number 1 - February 1999



Welcome to the premier issue of Relinquished Art; a record of art that has been left unattended and otherwise abandoned by the artist, only to be stumbled upon and discovered by unsuspecting passersby.

This serial arose out of my interest in allowing my work to be changed, either by the elements or other humans.

Anyone can create Relinquished Art. Perhaps you are on a hike in the woods, and notice a pile of rocks created by natural processes. This inspires you to build up the rocks, or spread them out, or whatever. Once finished, you take several pictures, then you leave. Voila! You have created what we call Relinquished Art. Even better, return a few days later. Perhaps someone else has come along and added their two cents worth. Take more pictures, and send them to us. Before and after images are especially provocative.

Of course, this is just one example. This issue will show you others, but by no means is it meant to represent the only forms Relinquished Art can take. Everyone has their own unique contribution to any particular idea; RELINQUISHED ART is a forum for your experimentation.

We accept work from the artist, or a passerby. Please be sure to indicate if you are the originator of the art, or a passerby. In either case, you will receive a free copy of the issue your contribution appears in. Other helpful information to include: location, size, medium, date found, and/or date created.

This first issue is devoted exclusively to my own work, (some of it quite old), but the staff and I hope this will change. Certainly, we will still use this as a forum for our own work, however, we also hope the existence of RELINQUISHED ART will inspire others to work and experiment in a similar spirit. We can envision individual artists, passersby, or even a group or class contributing to RELINQUISHED ART

It is the policy of RELINQUISHED ART to provide a list of all contributors and their addresses. If you wish to remain anonymous, or don't want your address published, you must state this explicitly in your correspondence. Otherwise you'll be out of luck, and the entire world will know where you live.

Unfortunately, we don't expect to be swamped with submissions, which is why we only publish periodically, but we do hope to hear from you soon.

S R Robinson
January 1999
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Creators and Discoverers
Number 1 ------- February 1999