Ancient Temple


Creators and Discoverers - Number 1 - February 1999

Jumbo Temple
The original installation

A Future Archaeological Site/"Moses"

I've always dreamed of stumbling upon an ancient archaeological site and digging up mysterious artifacts. I figure the next best thing is creating that kind of experience for someone else.

Above is the original site as installed on Mount Jumbo.

After a few days, I returned to the site, and it was gone! However, about a hundred feet up the trail, I glanced up and saw someone had moved the pieces to a rock outcrop, as seen below. I was pleased a passerby would take the time and effort to create their own installation. It was like discovering a brand new archaeological site, just like I always dreamed of.

Jumbo Temple 1 Jumbo Temple 2

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Updated August 2005

Creators and Discoverers
Number 1 ------- February 1999