Kenny, a shepherd mix, came into our foster care on August 11, 2010.

August 11, 2010 - Kenny lived in a trailer with 70 (!) other dogs. He is in dire need of socialization. Becky is spending a lot of time with him. He is starting to bond with her, but as far as I know, shows little interest in the felines ( Katie Lee , Edna , or Slater Jay ), or for "eager to please" Chatka either. Poor little Chatka.

August 13th - Kenny is really coming around quickly. He comes into the house almost right away now and also tries to play with Chatka. Chatka seems less interested in play these days. Poor little Chatka.

August 14th - He's still shy, but settling in nicely. Doesn't bark, chew and most importantly is housebroken! Still doesn't know what a toy is...

Kenny went back to the WHS on Sept 17th; unfortunately he became very withdrawn again so they asked us if we would take him again. So, On Sept 27th he came back to us...Chatka was none too thrilled and the felines, well you can imagine their reaction.

UPDATE: Kenny has found his forever home as of December 12th, 2010. Congratulations Sweet Boy! Chatka misses you...and so do we...but we hope you are happy in your new home!

Here are some photos and links to more images...

Cat door --- K&C 1 --- K&C 2 --- Resting --- Big Tail --- Who's the Boss

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