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Glass! and Clay!

Lately, I’ve been working on combining clay and glass; unfortunately, the glass I need is hard to find. Just a few tests:

Still working it out…!


Basically, I make the things I want to have; a mug, tiles, a clay token, beads and small sculptures;
perhaps a nice homemade bowl for my chicken soup. Do you need something?
Contact me - maybe I can help.

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Visit my "In Process" page to see what I'm working on now, information on my process and pictures of my studio...

Follow this link for examples of current completed works

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Or Write:

Suebob's Clay Shop
c/o Sue Robinson
PO Box 341751
Milwaukee WI 53234-1751

Have a great day.

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Mt Jumbo, Missoula, Montana, c. 2005
Hi Mom and GL, Dusty, Boy and Blue.