Edna St Vincent Millay-Burton - IN MEMORIAM EDNA

'Edna St Vincent Millay-Burton'


R.I.P - Sweetums.

Edna passed away on February 18th, 2015. I am so thankful we had these years with her; she was a very special feline.

Edna was my "tester" on my water fountains; if they passed her inspection, I considered the fountain a success. Now, how will I know?

'Edna St Vincent Millay-Burton'


Edna, like her sister Emily had a traumatic first few weeks of life. They were both orphaned as kittens by Hurricane Fran, one of the many hurricanes to strike Wilmington NC.
Dr. Grace M. Burton, (Becky's Mom) adopted the two kittens and they lived with her in Wilmington, NC until Oct 2005. After Grace passed away, both Edna and Emily came to live with us in November 2005.

Edna's sister, Emily passed away in May 2006.

Edna drinks

Edna enjoys the sun
I can't believe I mispelled Millay, oh well

Plants with Edna lurking about

Here's Edna and Anderson Foster

Edna Approved

Edna and Emily as babies.

And more:

See more photos of Edna

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In Memory of all our beloved companions.

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