Chatka Robinson-Burton 2003-2016 CHATKA

"Jaws with Paws"

Adopted February 21, 2003

Died September 29th, 2016

You run girl, you run as fast and as far as you want now, my sweet girl.

Chatka loved to run.

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- - -

Full grown Chatka; handsome girl.
(She looks a little unkempt here, but that's because her hair is wet)



Chatka was a super foster Mom/Sister; many of these videos feature our foster kittens playing with the sweetest dog in the world.

In Memory. . .

Ode to Dusty - - - Ode to Boy - - - Ode to Blue - - - Ode to Nanook - - - Ode to Emily - - - Ode to Nimbus

Don't want a long term commitment? Become a foster parent!

Our family now consists of Katie Lee, Slater Jay, and of course, Becky and suebob

It's awfully quiet around here.

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