Sally is an 8-month-old chow chow/sheltie mix that arrived on 5/4/04. She is quite a scarebaby now. We hope to build her confidence. She is basically not trained, but appears to be housebroken. She kept us up most of her first night yelping and whining. She also came with her name, but does not seem to know it yet. Chatka wants to play with her, but she's a bit too timid right now.

Update 7/31/04. Sally made slow progress and we returned her to the Humane Society after about a month. A few days later, they asked us to pick her up again. She was completely shut down. We took her back even though she and Miles the dog overlapped. We had her evaluated again on June 14. This time the behavioral consultant had me start training Sally to "target," or touch her nose to a ball on an antenna. She learned quickly and was soon running across the yard to target. This really built her confidence. Chatka and I took Sally to the HS a couple of times and played there. The staff gave her treats and targetted with her so that she was more comfortable. On 7/21, they determined that she was ready for adoption. They spayed and chipped her that day and put her right into a quiet adoption suite to minimize her stress. She was finally adopted on 7/30. I visited her that morning and she targetted through the glass. I wonder if she was adopted by the people I saw there. I talked up her many good points. She was quiet (after that first night), non-destructive, good with cats and dogs, and totally housebroken. She loved walks. We were happy to see her finally get a permanent home.


Sally and Chatka.

Suebob's Foster Home

Wisconsin Humane Society

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