Marvin, a 'Shih Tzu' mix, came into our foster care on March 30, 2011.

He most likely came from a puppy mill; as usual with animals that have spent their entire lives in a cage and for the most part alone, he was suffering from a lack of human socialization. He was afraid of me; I spent the first few hours trying to coax him back into the house, with little luck.

Thank goodness for Chatka . She really helps these fosters feel more safe; nothing like having another pooch around for company. And Chatka teaches them it is perfectly safe to have a bit of the popcorn!

Although I'm not particularly fond of this breed of dog, Marvin has the potential to be a good boy. Apparently he is housebroken, very quiet yet quite interested in Chatka, (although Chatka is less enthused about sharing her home with foster dogs these days) - and even more important he is, after just one day (!) coming into the house on his own, (Well...with a teeny bit of "encouragement"); I think he will be a great dog for someone.

April 7th, 2011 Update

No comment.

Here are some photos and links ...

Marvin and Chatka

Marvin's Close-up

Marvin all shiny and clean

Marvin and the Big C

Suebob's Foster Home

Wisconsin Humane Society

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