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Riddler Foster is a tiny little "blue tabby" boy. He arrived in our home on October 29th, 2015. He has no health issues; but he does need to grow a bit! Quite a big difference from our previous foster: Orca!

Update November 7th: He is a very cautious boy; he will not come out of Kittentopia by himself yet, but when we carry him out into the living room he will stay out with us. Usually sitting on Beckys lap.

Update November 19th: he is over being cautious.


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We tried to get him to play:

Nope, Shant. Hiding now.

Finally, spurred on by a question from Lisa, (how do you feed those tiny ones?") we try the bottle. We have not used this bottle for a long time, and although he is big enough to eat on his own, he was still looking for the comfort of his Mom, so I heated a little bit of half and half and we try this:

It worked! He is a little more settled now.

More photos:

and a final photo:

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