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Installation Art - or in other words, suebob's old art New Art! Yeah, sure I am working on new stuff. Zines and Old Art - this sculpture was installed on the Bitterroot River during the summer of 1990. The next day it had mysteriously disappeared without a trace. Sand Collecting - Currently I have only about 1000 samples from locations all over the world - most collectors have thousands of samples. Fostering - it's a very rewarding experience helping our 4-legged friends find new loving homes. Give it a try. Politics - not just about dubya. . .but who can resist? Buddhism has the characteristics of what would be expected in a cosmic religion for the future: it transcends a personal God, avoids dogmas and theology - it covers both the natural & spiritual, and it is based on a religious sense aspiring from the experience of all things, natural and spiritual, as a meaningful unity (Albert Einstein) Aliens! How would the world react to such a momentus event? Sand Collecting Old Art! Really old art. But you gotta start somewhere. Thesis Show, 
Entrance Tree Houses - Send me a picture, drawing, photocopy, postcard, .gif image, original article, or whatever of a real or imagined tree house. Contribute and receive a free. . . Extraterrestrials The purpose of RELINQUISHED ART is to provide a record of art that has been left unattended and otherwise abandoned by the artist, only to be stumbled upon and discovered by unsuspecting passers-by. Contribute and receive a free. . . Quotes and Spirituality Fill Out My Survey Suebob's Butt Politics & Quotes Buy a Bookmark. . .various subjects: Anne Geddes, Star Trek, Star Wars, and many others! The Trouble With Angels. The Wizard of Oz. Chocolate Suebob's Clay Shop Drake Equation Chatka as a puppy Links Sand Collecting The Search for ET Ancient Influences The 50th State. V O L C A N O. Biography Wage Slave Job Goddess Pull Chains Aliens and other ET's Extraterrestrials Radio Astronomy Loes Modderman Micro-Photography Mount Jumbo from the air Sojourner Truth traveled to Mars on the Mars Pathfinder DVD's Rule Mail Art ET Shrek and Donkey - someday we won't even need actors Wage Slave Job at Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office - Yup Sand Collecting Suebob's eBay Store Mary Tyler Moore - she can turn the world on with her smile. . . Suebob's Biography Extraterrestrials with Tails Extraterrestrials Astrology...and other nonsense Quotes and Favorites The Golden Record Tree Houses Suebob's Archives of Art Mail Art Projects Heroes That Won't Let You Down Dusty - The Best Dog in the World Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office - Yup Quotes and Spirituality Ancient Cities on Mars Installation Art My Vehicles Martha Stewart - Railroaded or is this Justice? You make the call. High score of 615 included 4 Yahtzees Population Explosion The Big Inside Have you seen this sculpture? Loes Modderman Micro-Photography Biography, the U of Montana years Sand Collecting Artificial Intelligence Suebob's Clay Shop Leonardo Da Vinci's 'The Last Supper' Captain Kathryn Janeway of Star Trek Voyager - mostly we just griped about the lousy script, the stupid looking aliens and bemoaned the overall gist (i.e. 'Lost in Space'), but, then again, we never missed an episode either. Sand Bar Saruman oversees the creation of a massive army of Orcs and Uruk-Hai, fierce warriors eager to do his bidding and follow the will of Sauron. Also from within Orthanc, Saruman schools the treacherous Grima Wormtongue, his agent of evil who clouds the mind of Rohan's once-great King Theoden and opens the door for the destruction of all men. 
Frog Beads and Pull Chains Hermoine Granger - the brilliant witch and best friend to Harry Potter and Ron Weasley Ida Lupino, a rare breed in Hollywood, especially during the 1960's. She directed the classic, 'The Trouble With Angels' starring Hayley Mills A beautiful fossil - I've always thought no artist can compare to Mother Nature. Venus of Willendorf - a powerful ancient image. . . The quintessential movie star - as a very young man. ET The quintessential image from 9-11 ET Mars, planet of the War Gods. Martha Stewart - Railroaded or is this Justice? You make the call. Voyager I and II Biography - Life in California Chaco Canyon Mount Jumbo - Missoula Montana - Repository Protean Disks on Display Buddhism has the characteristics of what would be expected in a cosmic religion for the future: it transcends a personal God, avoids dogmas and theology - it covers both the natural & spiritual, and it is based on a religious sense aspiring from the experience of all things, natural and spiritual, as a meaningful unity Favorite movies and TV shows The X Files - the truth is out there (or up there). DONE TO HERE 1st Petra - The Siq -
The official entrance to the site, from here, a dusty trail leads gently downwards along the Wadi Musa (The Valley of Moses). Situated in small rock outcrops to the left and right of the path are some small Nabataean tombs, carved into the dry rock. Beyond these, walls of sandstone rise steeply on the left, and a narrow cleft reveals the entrance to the Siq, the principal route into Petra itself.. The slabs. How many stars and planets are out there? Reminds me of my home state, Montana (don't know why, never had cowboy boots, and the only time I was on a horse I fell off and broke an arm Custom Tiles by Suebob XNView Leonardo Da Vinci's 'The Vitruvian Man' ET Succulents. Dobby, that irritating house Elf of the Malfoy family - not quite as annoying a Jar Jar Binks. Not quite. File ET ET No real link associated with this photo, just thought it was a neat picture. Buffy, the world-weary Slayer Easter Island - excessive consumption to oblivion. Visit my Sand Collecting Page. Mount Jumbo - Missoula Montana 2003 - Relinquary Leonardo Da Vinci's 'The Mona Lisa' (O Draconian Devil!) Mars Exploration Rover - those plunky rovers, Spirit and Opportunity are bravely exploring Mars and returning compelling evidence of past water on the red planet - who needs humans in space? ET Diver in the deep blue sea. Skeleton. Chaco Canyon Gollum from the classic film trilogy - 'The Lord of the Rings' directed by Peter Jackson ET Zodiac Symbols Succulents. Reminds me of Santa Barbara. The Moon. B&W picture of the slabs. Mars Rovers G E O L O G Y Diving Cup for Adrian ET ET ET ET Rune Imagery King and Queen Hal 9000 Suebob's Home Page Image manipulation R2D2, one of my favorite robots Reminds me of my home state, Montana (don't know why, never had cowboy boots, and the only time I was on a horse I fell off and broke an arm Cool rock wall
on one side of Fajada Butte. During genealogical searches, I was always hoping to find something interesting, but alas, no such skeletons in the closet or burned witches at the stake in my family. Maybe someday. Maybe sooner than later given our current political climate in the good ole USA. God bless America. Favorite movies and TV shows Easter Island early visitors? One of our Foster children. Sally is a chow mix with some socialization problems. She's a sweet girl, but still afraid to come to me. At the time of this writing, we've had her two months. Geology, the history of earth – here’s where we learn about our creation. Superman, the Motion Picture - easily one of the best super-hero movies of all time. I'm not particular fond of fish, but some sure are perrrrty. Venus of Willendorf - a powerful ancient image. . . The sun makes its mark on the rock spiral. Suebob's Home Page All the layers. . . Chaco Canyon Chatka - our permanent canine. Big Brother Is this how our world will end? Do YOU know the muffin man? It wasn't his fault, they lied. The search for ET continues. . . Grizzly Country A can of Missoula smog, just a little piece of home. Growing up, I thought winters were always cloud covered and miserable until I moved to Bozeman when I realized the air inversions kept the Missoula valley in a constant state of dreariness. Bozeman has clear blue skies nearly all winter long. Imagine my surprise, sunshine in the winter. Succulents. A beautiful fossil - I've always thought no artist can compare to Mother Nature. Doesn't really have anything to do with the link, I just like the image. Evolution rules, yeah baby. Giants Causeway, more proof Mother Nature is the greatest artist of all. Christ with Mary Magdalene. 
The Colliseum in Rome. They could fill it with water. Airplane cockpit Baseball The Far Side Some of the Royal Tombs near Petra. EWGA - The Executive Women's Golf Association (member since 2004, I'm not an 'executive' but I play one on the course) The quintessential movie star - 'dignity, always dignity'. Floor Plan??? The slabs that mark the seasons on Fajada Butte. Greece. Montana Sunset Ida Lupino, Director. Miles the canine with Chatka. Big head, little head. The moon and Mount Sentinel in Missoula, Montana. Reminds me of Santa Barbara. Sol. The Search for ET Mad Scientist Read fast! On a predominant ledge just below the Sun Dagger there are a series of rooms that extends around most of Fajada Butte. These rooms have not been excavated but erosion has uncovered most of them, revealing their general outline. Pottery sherds are present near all rooms visited. One room is circular in shape, suggesting to both archaeologists and to some Pueblo elders that it was a kiva. It is estimated that 20-30 rooms were built at this level. The Indian people said that the rooms were where the Indian astronomers lived. The term astronomers is being used to indicate that, according to the some elders, full-time specialist time keepers may have used the various solar calendars on Fajada Butte. Fajada Butte was also perceived as a place where astronomers from other Chaco communities would come and visit. These visits would be a part of critical events, such as those marked by the Sun Dagger, but they would also involve continuous interactions, ceremonies, talking, and learning about astronomy. More than one elder viewed the rooms and solar calendars as part of a school for teaching about astronomy. Twister - no, not THAT movie. Me. Small Ceramic Bead. Cassini Spacecraft - currently orbiting Saturn (July 2004). Freaky Ceramic Beads. Crustal Plates. Margaret Hamilton as
the Wicked Witch of the West in the classic from 1939, The Wizard of Oz. The Wicked Witch of The Wizard of Oz. They're everywhere!. Environmental Disasters. Environmental Disasters. Dancing nuns. Shown here is an example of amygdaloidal basalt from The Midcontinent rift in Minnesota. The grey-brown basalt is riddled with vesicles, or holes, created when gas was trapped within the lava flow as it cooled. The cavities have since been filled by minerals to form zeolites or agates (light colored nodules in the image) The Space Shuttle ET The quintessential image from 9-11 ET The quintessential comedian The quintessential movie star - still hasn't lost that magic - something Brad Pitt will never have. New York Skyline - Post 9/11 Mars Rover sign. . . .DEATH COMES UNEXPECTANTLY. . . Silver Spring Island Golf Course - Hole #? Electronic Yahtzee Television See a family resemblence? Sure you do. V.I.P Supplies Mad Scientist V.I.P Supplies Mad Scientist. Art for a computer program, I believe, something about The Moon. Montana Sunset I couldn't resist this image, he looks like he's having such a great time. Buy a Bookmark. . .various subjects: Anne Geddes, Star Trek, Star Wars, and many others! The Periodic Table of the Elements. Sally, a timid pup we had for several months. Follow this link to see our other foster babies. Visit my Sand Collecting Page. The Seven Wonders of the World. One of the
Seven Ancient Wonders of the World - the only one to survive to modern times. The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence continues. . . Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. Spock and Uhura from Star Trek, the old series. Just an image I came across that looked cool. Solar Power Plant - There's got to be a better way than fossil fuels Solar Power Plant from the air - There's got to be a better way than fossil fuels. The Eye Wall at Petra. The X Files - ah, the good old days of Scully and Mulder. The XFiles. The Sun - This 
ultraviolet-wavelength image (RED) shows a hugh solar prominence on 
September 14, 1999. Solar prominences are large, arch-shaped 
filaments of relatively cool, dense plasma that are suspended 
above the surface of the sun. Sometimes solar prominences can 
erupt, allowing matter to escape the Sun's atmosphere. The features 
visible in this image trace the Sun's magnetic field, with hotter 
regions appearing light and cooler regions appearing dark. Suzanne VALADON Suzanne Valadon (1867-1938) -1923
Oil on canvas
90 x 115 cm
Musée National d'Art Moderne, Centre Pompidou, Paris The Federation of Planets. Yves Tanguay - Surrealist. Teeth. The Moon from my window. Suzanne Valadon V O L C A N O. Sex and the City. Modern Dinosaur. Fossil Bird. Symbol of Life. He's dead, get over it. Oxymoron(s). Go Homer, go. The Hunt for Red October, starring 007. The 50th State. The 50th State. No idea where this came from. Floor Plan, well that's what I'd use it for. Laboratory. Citizen Kane. Biggs Softball team - undefeated in 2004! (12-0) The Cassini Spacecraft. Baseball Artemisia Gentileschi was born in 
Rome on July 8, 1593. ET Comet G E O L O G Y Diving Cup for Adrian Suebob's Butt Be Nice to your Mother! Conserve our Parks! Mars Rovers Got an Idea? Charlize Theron on the right as Aileen Wournos, on the left It's all relative Did the chicken or the egg come 1st? Billions and billions. . . Guilty Pleasures Speaks for itself Fill Out My Survey Send $5 for the secret the 
world is yearning for Star Trek TOS Crew Vintage SciFi Mt Sentinel Missoula, Montana Star Trek TOS Crew Sol Lucille Ball Cairns Image Babylonian Tablet Babylonian Tablet Mount Sentinel - Missoula, MT Baseball Baseball Small Bead Modern Art Cairns Image Casini Spacecraft Rune Talismans and Pull Chains Time is on our side? Space 1999 Communicator Space 1999 Communicator Costitution of the United States The path of the Mars Rovers The path of the Mars Rovers
Small earth and Moon Who's eye? Firetruck in flood Frog Bead Billions and Billions Logo from something Genesis crash Aerial of Greenough Park Eye of the Hurricane Leaving on a Jet Plane Key Pad Spaceship Outline Mars Rover Shadow Moon Who's Mouth? Old Xena2ful Yellowstone War Games Rock Art Dali? Quidditch Barbie's Book Robby Drawing Royal Tomb Vintage SciFi Munch Sphere DEATH COMES UNEXPECTANTLY
Sky Captain Shade your eyes! Detail Sun Calender Tiger Woods My Comet Mug How to Travel Travel Tube Diagram Sphere Sphere Made in the ??? Starry Starry Night Vortice Logo Voyager Crew Suzanne Valadon Kivas

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Is a picture worth a thousand words? Or more? What images would you choose to represent your life, your experiences, this world? Who do you think are important people? What are the important events and 'Big ideas'?

I haven't figured it out either.

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