FIREFLY Foster Group

One month old kittens arrived on May 17th, 2016.
They are very tiny, but not sick, so far.
Right now, they are here for growth; we will have them for quite a bit, I suspect.
Four of the kittens have six toes, very adorable (Alas, Simon and River have only 5)

Update: May 30th, 2016

They are growing a bit, and we are discovering their individual personalities:

Malcolm - loves to snuggle with Chatka, sweet boy
Zoe - She's a cryer and always wants up on my lap
Wash - He's the bully; we've had to separate him from the others on several occasions
Kaylee - She's the loner and usually the one I have to hunt for when doing a "kitten count".
Simon - A sweet boy; but very cautious
River - She's a sweet little girl, the runt of the group. We have to make sure she gets her fair share of food!

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