But we prefer 'Bootser', 'Bootinator' or 'BooBoo'

Bootsie (and Chatka's Blockhead)

Bootsie is an unfortunate name, (what are some people thinking??) but she was the sweetest girl and the perfect playment for Chatka. She had socialization issues that were quickly corrected (due to her history, she was a backyard dog, and was afraid to come into the house until we reassured her it was okay to come in) She's a very loving pooch; more of a people dog, unlike Chatka, who is most definitely a dog's dog. It's nice to have a dog that actually seeks out human companionship. She came to us in mid-January 2005 and is still with us as of today, (Sunday, Jan 30th, 2005) (SR)

Suebob's Foster Home

Wisconsin Humane Society

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