Billie Jean FOSTER and her kittens,
Christopher Foster Pike and Uhura Sulu Foster

On September 14th, 2013, shortly after Rudy went on his way to his forever home, Billie Jean and her two kittens joined us.
Billie Jean is only two years old but she's been a good momma to her two month old kittens, Uhura Sulu and Christopher.
Billie Jean is very curious and is always looking for a way to escape from the basement. The kittens are, not surprisingly, somewhat more cautious but still curious and playful.
I expect we will have them for several weeks at least, until the kittens have grown enough.

Normally, I would remove the paper collar the WHS attaches to kittens; but since I can't tell them apart,
we will leave Uhura's Sulu's red collar on so we can tell them apart. It will have to come off soon though!
Update: It's off as of Sept 23rd. The only way I can tell them apart - Sulu is just a smidge smaller and a little darker black than Christopher.

The real kicker came when I took them to WHS for a check up and found out "Uhura" was actually a boy - hence the name change! We also found out that Billie Jean is not only our foster, but a foster mother to the kittens as well. I thought it was odd her babies were totally black, but what do I know about these things???

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