On July 1st 2010 we picked up Ashton; I almost thought Clark had returned!

Ashton is much smaller than Clark though...and he's a very shy and cautious little fellow. He has no medical issues at this time; he just needs some socialization and growth. He will get plenty here. Chatka is anxious to meet him - the felines - not so much.

Here are some photos and links to more images...

Caved - - - Exploring - - - Feather - - - Mug Shot - - - Curious - - - Playful - - - Posing - - - Handsome Boy!

These two picture above are Ashton. The two pictures below are comparing Ashton with Clark

I have to compare Ashton with Clark:

Ashton is on the left, Clark on the right

Suebob's Foster Home

Wisconsin Humane Society

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