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This is Suebob's New Home Page.

Obviously there is still a lot of work to do here.

In the meantime, please check out my old site at ASAPNET which will still be active for another month or so.

Check back at this site in the near future for a new and improved 'Suebob's Home Page', and/or drop me a line at my new email address

Or...visit my other abbreviated new web page at Road Runner

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Suebob's New Art (Finally)
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Our babies Ode to Dusty, Boy, Blue, Nanook, Nimbus, the fosters and our current kids
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Biography The most boring autobiography ever
Favorite Quotes Favorite quotes, political cartoons, etc.
Extraterrestrials Are we alone? Do you Believe? (UFO's and other spacely visitors)
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TreeHouses I grew up in one. Yup.
ET Extraterrestrials, real and imagined
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eBay - deliverance from my wage slave job?
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Believe Do you Believe? How many?
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Population billions of reasons why mothers eat their young

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