Lew came to our care on August 3rd, 2011; he is a grey tabby and has already shown a lot of energy and curiosity. The Wisconsin Humane Society did not wait long to call...we just got back from our Grand Canyon trip yesterday. Lew is named after one of the five Dory boatmen and the team leader on our Grand Canyon adventure, Lew Steigler.

Lew explores his surroundings.

Surprisingly enough Lew does not have an URI...we need to watch him for a week or so and then he will probably go out for adoption.

Here are some photos and links ...

Lew playing in Chatka's toy box

Lew continues playing in Chatka's toy box!

Lew takes a break in Chatka's toy box

See a video of Lew:

Adorable Lew

Suebob's Foster Home

Wisconsin Humane Society

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