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Major components in the Sand Project Documentation, 1998

These were the participants in my 1998 Sand Project.

Documentation of this project consisted of small bottles, filled with sand from the various locations. Each bottle had only one sample of sand inside. These were placed in a slide container and encased in sand. I do have a few extras, if you want one, contact me, we can work out a trade.

Sand  -  1998 Participants.
1.	Marilyn Dammann
	Baraga  MI   USA
		---photograph of beach, stick mark in sand
		---postcard size spiral glued on with sand
2.	K. M. Moody
	Ronkonkoma  NY  

3.	Nick Powell
	The Old Manse
	Sutherland, Scotland, 
		---Sand Sample from Balnakeil Bay
		---Postcard with sand glued on

4.	Ivan Preissler
	Czech Republic
		---Drawings: "apparition in a dream"

5.	suebob
	PO Box 80045
	Goleta CA 93118
  ---Santa Barbara, CA - Before El Nino
6.---Santa Barbara, CA -After  El Nino
7.---Maui, Hawaii
8.---Wilmington, NC

9.	Lidia Lopes Torres

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