TINY and her 4 pups

(we prefer 'Tiner')

Her pups:
Jerome (m), Tucson (m), Sedona (f) and Prescott (m)

Tiny wasn't eating at the WHS, but once we got her home, (On Feb 9th, 2005) she settled down and started eating normally right away. She is still very thin, motherhood has been hard on her body. Not surprising for such a young dog (she's not even a year old herself). The puppies, whom we named after towns in Arizona, are doing very well in their new (temporary!) home.

Tiny and her 4 pups. Little Prescott is just barely in the picture on the left, curled up by Tiny is Jerome, the largest of the puppies. Curled up below Jerome is Sedona, the only female in the litter, and standing is Tucson, the loudest of 'em all.

Feeding time, for everyone!

The adorable puppies. Good thing they're cute, because they are a major pain in the butt. Prescott has his head in the food bowl and is curled around Tucson; the other two are Jerome and Sedona. Sedona is the darker one in back. Jerome is laying off by himself, he's the big boy in the litter.

Jerome - he's the largest of the puppies, coming in at 4 lbs 4 oz.

Tucson - he's the loud mouth of the group.

Sedona - she's a sweet girl, quiet but not at all a door mat - and she has the most beautiful blue eyes.

Prescott - he's got a handy identifying white spot on his back and a white blaze on his face. Like Sedona, he has blue eyes. He's also the smallest pup, weighing just 2 lbs 11 oz. (on Feb 12th, 2005)

Chatka and Prescott meet for the first time. Chatka is such a good foster sister AND foster mother.

The Puppy Bowl - if you have puppies, you definitely need one of these!

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