Two MORE Kittens


Taylor and Fulton came to us on July 29th, 2014. Taylor is very engaging and playful. She's the tabby.

Fulton is the little orange boy and is very shy and stand-offish right now. He scurries away and hides whenever we make a move.
Hopefully he will relax in a few days and start enjoying himself.

UPDATE August 3rd, 2014

Taylor is very lively and is slowly bring Fulton out of his very deep shell. It took a few days for Fulton to leave Kittentopia. He's now brave enough to venture out into the dining room, but scurries back to the safety of Kittentopia at every sound!

UPDATE August 23rd, 2014

Taylor is as feisty as ever. A very sweet, adorable little girl, she will be hard to let go.

Fulton has made great strides since day one, but took a few steps back when Becky returned from her vacation. A stranger in the house! 'Run and take cover!!!' says Fulton. But he's coming around quickly and accepting Becky as a trusted friend.

UPDATE August 26th, 2014

On to their forever homes. Both were sweet kittens, but Taylor was especially hard to let go of.
Here's comparison photos of the first day with us vs. the last day. The pictures may not show it, but they grew quite a bit - especially Taylor, she nearly caught up with Fulton, size-wise.

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See a bunch of group photos at the end of Fulton's photos.


FULTON "Steam Pipe" Foster
Hisses like a steam pipe!

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