Six Kittens

Monte - Alpha - Mannie - Kato - Alfie - Avery

Six Kittens arrived on May 24th, 2014.

Update June 14th, 2014

It always amazes me, no matter how many fosters we've had; each creature has his or her own unique personality. These little guys are full of it. Mannie and Avery are aggressive attention hogs; Kato likes to sit on my shoulder, Alpha is full of energy but settles down nicely on my lap. Little Alfie is sweet, almost fragile. Monte is kind of a loner, he is playful, but not particular interested in sitting with the rest of us.

FINALLY, the daily medicines have all been dispensed. That took a lot of energy to medicate all six kittens.



Kittens Galore - Group Photos

Clearly, one litter box will NOT do:

Click on images to view larger version.


MONTE Foster

After 27 days

ALPHA Foster

After 27 days


After 27 days

KATO Foster

After 27 days

ALFIE Foster

After 27 days

AVERY Foster

After 27 days

Group Images

Click on images to view larger version.

UPDATE: June 20th, 2014

Kittens were returned to the WHS to find their forever home. I will miss these little ones.

We tried to set up a "before" and "after" picture of the kits in the same positions as the picture taken on the first day.
Good luck with that, right?

They nearly outgrew their carrier.

Suebob's Foster Home

Wisconsin Humane Society

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