From Marilyn Dammann
PO Box 115
Baraga, MI 49908

redam1 - Sanctuary, Art Farm '95

redam2 - Untitled redam3 - Untitled redam4 - Untitled redam5 - Untitled redam6 - Untitled redam7 - Logo Shadowork redam8 - Summer Solstice Keweenaw Bay, Lake Superior, Michigan

redam9 - Wounded Tree Bandaged, woods in Barago Co, Michigan

redam9a - Downed trees, arranged and abandoned after the first snow

redam9b - Untitled

************************************ROCK SCULTURES

rerok rerok1 rerok2 rerok3 rerok4 rerokmi **************************************MISC***

resb1 resb2 resk reva1 reva2 rewi1 rewi2 rewi2a rees rees1 rees2 rehig1 rejum rejum2 **********************************

603 W Market St #7
Bloomington, IL 61701

reunk reunk1 reunk2 reunk3 **************************

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