1996 Contributors - "The Environment"


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( * ) arrived too late for the drawing
( ** ) winners of free ceramic gift (chosen by the time honored tradition of picking names out of a hat)

See some examples by the contributors

Contribute to my on-going mail art projects .

All contributors received a copy of the documentation for this project. As you may or may not know, originally I had intended to create a large installation/environment using these images, but due to financial, space and time restrictions, this just wasn't practical. So, the documentation took the form of a small, crude book - and these web pages.

If you would like to receive info on how to obtain a copy of the documentation, just email me


Here is the final list of contributors.


1. Anonymous
Berkley, CA.???
"Ze bark of Ze Palm Tree" Wonderful texture.
I wonder, who sent it????

2. Akane Asaoka
Barcelona SPAIN
Engraving from 19th c. titled "Corral del Carbon"

3. Kane Bograshov
various pc's

**4. Linda Brown
Stop Nuclear Testing in Pacific pc

**5. Joseph Calandriello
Garden and steps pc, Leesburg, VA.

6. Crash
Austin TX
many pc's grand canyon, redwood forest, etc.

**7. Harlan Lyman
Cumberland, VA
Heap o' stuff, images, poetry, etc.

8. Connie Kroneman
Maryland ???
pc, USA at night
"our presence unmistakable.
our intentions unclear..."

9. Joy McManus
Commerce TX
"Communique in Transit" collage -
It was fun opening it too...

10. Karen Musgrave and sons, Jeremiah (16) and Nathaniel (11)
Houston TX
Texas pc's, deer, covered wagon, etc.

11. Annabelle Port
Kirksville, MO
Beautiful leaf in cardboard frame
also chimp with a man, or is that man with a chimp?

12. Ren Schroeder
pc of a forteresse in Luxembourg
First pc received! Winner of free gift!

13. Thomas C. Waters
Pittsburgh PA
various photos of ocean, satellite image,
and waterfall pc.

14. J D Weeks
Gardendale AL
pc of Burmingham, AL. freeway 65-20-59

15. Susan Whelan
Deptford, NJ
"highest standard of living" pc - billboard with sub-standard shacks in background

*16. Melanie Jones-Schnieders
Commerce, TX
"Woman and the Environment"

*17. Francois Bellefeville
Laval, Quebec - Canada
pc of historical buildings in Montreal

*18. Dr. Surearts
St. Cloud, MN
"Dump Queen", 1996

*19. K. M. Moody
Ronkonkoma, New York
Ernst quote; enlarged image of screw - a very eerie image, actually

*20. Jodi L. Reeb-Myers
Richfield, MN
screenprint and woodcut (tree in forest)

*21. Carroll Brooks - Student
Peoria, IL
Field of daisies, small stamp ("she is sure she has colored bones")

*22. Ivan Preissler
Czech Republic
Abstract characters (chinese looking?)

*23. Roger Moses
Bristol, England
Sailplane over Severn Valley, England

*24. Obvious Front
Milan, IL
"This planet's not a battleground..." plastic pc

*25. Marilyn Dammann (Shadow)
Baraga, MI
Photo, "Mother nature reclaims human refuse, absorbs a Lazy Boy into the Earth"

*26. Lidia Lopes Torres
Santo Andre-SP, Brasil
Fish, tree and bird drawings

*27. Angela Mark
Jamaica Plain, MA
Package of ink drawings

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