Suebob's 1996 Postcard Installation *** This project is closed! ***

This is the original call for entries on "The Environment" postcard project.

The postcards and drawings I received are in a small, crude, B&W book I've put together. It is finished as of Sept 1997. Contact suebob for more info.

1996 Postcard Installation

February 19th, 1997

Would you like to be a participant in an art project?

I am asking for postcards (the actual paper objects, not the electronic kind!), for an installation I am constructing for a show in 1997. You can make your own, buy one, or whatever. You don't have to be, or call yourself an artist, to participate!

The theme is "the environment" - the images could range anywhere from a beautiful, crystal clear lake, to the image of some extinct creature, or even to a rusty, old truck. The choice is yours. I will be interested in seeing and reading(?) your thoughts on this issue.

I cannot be any more specific on the actual installation (see "Another Update" below) at this time - a lot depends on you! I cannot return your postcards, but all participants will receive a link to their page and recognition for participating in this project when the installation is eventually installed. Three lucky people, (chosen by the time honored tradition of throwing names in a hat), will receive a small (very small) ceramic gift from me - (assuming, of course, you include your return address).

You may see a list of contributors, if you like.

In addition to the above mentioned prizes, the very first person to send me a card will also receive a free ceramic gift! I'm sure you can tell I've had a great response so far...


Congratulations to Ren Schroeder from Luxembourg! And many thanks... Your postcard was the first to arrive at my humble abode. A small ceramic gift will be coming your way - as soon as I get my grubby little hands on a kiln. Don't hold your breath.


Please send your cards by May 31, 1996!


Due to the relatively small response I have had, the project has changed from an installation to a small crude, book, due out in 1997. Change is good, I've always thought, and this is no exception. All participants will receive a free copy of the book, so if you're interested, I'm still accepting postcards. . .but the deadline is May 31st. Don't dawdle!

Hopefully, that's the end of all the updates and revisions.

This is not a competition - but if I have room left in my HTML file, I will include the names of participants and images from the completed book.

Some examples.


suebob Robinson
PO Box 341751
Milwaukee WI 53234-1751 USA

I thank you for your assistance with this project. Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Contact suebob

Updated: July 27, 1999

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