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MISFIT (WHS name) came to us on 10/29/2021.

We are calling him Conrad. Conrad is our 199th foster.

After he spent a few weeks with us, he discovered he is a very sweet boy, a cuddler and playful.

See VIDEOS below.

FINAL UPDATE: 11/11/2021

MISFIT is on his way to find his forever home; Have a good life little boy!

Check out his photos and videos below.

10-29-2021 - FIRST DAY

He has a few medical problems, skin and eye issues. He is shut down and pretty scared.
We are giving him time to adjust to his new surroundings. He does not seem aggressive, so that's a good thing. By 8PM, He sat on my lap, Becky's lap and hissed at a cat toy. He is still tucked away in his private room and shows no interest in exploring. All in all, pretty normal so far. I think he is going to be a very cuddly boy. I hope so, anyway!

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Still very scared of any noises; when I turned on the light, the switch noise freaked him out. I can see he will be a social challenge.

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Still pretty closed off, but we are confident he will come around soon.

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Enjoying the bed Stacey H gave us, originally for Katie Lee

Last Day :(

Misfit Conrad is the snuggle feline I've always wanted. He will make someone very happy!


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