Mack is an 8 year old chocolate lab mix who came to us on May 12th, 2011. He has an ear infection and has to take a boat load of drugs every day. However, he does not seem to be in pain or extreme discomfort; seems pretty happy actually!

Mack, shakin' it.

Mack is a very different foster for us. Most of the dogs we get are "shut down"; they have had little human contact and are scare-babies. Mack is most definitely not a scare-baby. He's friendly, outgoing and seems to have relatively good manners... except for placing his huge paws up on the counter, the futon and on us. Well, he seems to be receptive to change; time will tell.

Poor little Chatka . She's just not enjoying this anymore!

I always wonder how these fosters end up at the WHS...He's 8 years old, and from what I gather had a family...not sure what happened there, but he will be a good boy for someone else with a nice yard.

Here are some photos and links ...

Mack enjoys the first day of the pool

Mack enjoys a fresh drink

Becky helps Mack settle in

Mack, finally cooled off?

Even more pics:

Exiting the pool before the Big C snaps; shaking after a dip in the pool;with Becky at the Currie Dog Park

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