Helena, and her kittens - Waldorf, Wilson, and ***her*** foster child, Wilma T

May 9th, 2003 we became the foster parents for Helena (a 3 year old tabby), and her two kittens, (about 4 weeks old). We call her boys Waldorf and Wilson. Helena is also caring for Wilma T., a teeny tiny Calico who was abandoned by her birth mother - she can't be more than a week or so old!

Waldorf (black & white) and Wilson (tabby)

Helena must be on break

Get 'em off me!

After a time, (and several sleepless nights!), it became obvious Helena was nearing the end of her nursing days. Poor little Wilma T wasn't getting enough food. We took Wilma T back to the Humane Society where she was put with another mother and her litter. . .I don't know what happened to her after that. Hopefully, she survived and was happily adopted.

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