Howler is our 205th ***&***our 214th rescue.


HOWLER 'R' FOSTER came to us on March 3rd, 2022.
('R' is for rescue, as opposed to a WHS foster)

She is a feral cat that had been visiting us all winter. I coaxed her into the house; she willing came in. But after that, she kind of freaked out. So we let her wander around the living room until we could make arrangements with the Urban Cat Coalition.

With one of the UCC traps, we were finally able to catch her and place her in Kittentopia.

Howler has remained fearful the entire time with us. She has been spay; we are waiting for the rain to end. She will then be released back into the neighborhood, where we will continue to care for her as best we can.

UPDATE: March 20th, 2022

Howler was released back into the neighborhood this morning. She was very happy to be free; we wish her the best and hope to see her back on our porch soon.

We are grateful she will not have to worry about kittens; life will be tough enough for her without that burden.

UPDATE June 10th, 2022

2nd Rescue!

After releasing Howler on March 20th, we never saw her again - - - until the night of June 10th, 2022.
She was back on our porch! Yay!
But she had a nasty leg injury. Boo!

I was able to snatch her from the porch as she was eating.
She had a vet visit and will hopefully heal up and then be on her way again.

Just shows you how perilous a feral cat's journey is; I wish she could be an indoor cat but I don't see her ever accepting that lifestyle. Alas.

- - -

See VIDEOS below.


Update: June 24th, 2022

Worst nightmare, Howler has been lost outside. Hopefully, further updates will be forthcoming, with good news. Keep your fingers crossed.


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