Twinks and Span

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Ok, their given names are Twinkle Toes and Spandau Ballet, but I just can't go with that.
So we will call them Twinks (Momma kitty) and Span (tiny kitten).

They arrived May 10th, 2017. Span is a bit unsteady; Becky thinks he's special. I say he just very young.

Obviously, we don't think they are really related, but Twinks is taking good care of the boy. He's so tiny.

Update: May 29th, 2017

Span has made great strides in his motor skills and awareness of his surroundings. I was worried about him for the first week or so. He was very wobbly, weak, and he couldn't see. But today, he is a vibrant active kitty. He is slowly gaining weight and will soon reach the magic number; 2 pounds.

Twinks is still very loud, and hostile to our permanent felines, Katie Lee and Slater Jay. I don't expect any improvement in this regard.


June 13th, 2017

First day vs. Last Day:

Another successful foster saga comes to a close. After a very slow start, Span finally grew into a healthy little boy (still a bit unsteady, but no worries for him). He and Twinks did not have any major interaction with Katie Lee or Slater; Twinks was too aggressive towards them and they had to remain separated.

That is a bit unusual; normally after a few weeks, everyone is tolerating one another and we can be one big happy family. Logistically, it is a little bit more of a pain to keep them separated, but it all worked out.

Have a happy, long, healthy life Span and Twinks!

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