Cloud Rim

Here are the promised Cloud Rim pictures, taken in August 2000 with a $5 disposable camera ($2 with the rebate). The images might take a while to load. Just sing a song or work on your boondogle while you wait.

Here's the new lodge. It has an elevator, flushies, staff room, health room, kitchen, dining, and fireplace/reading area on the main floor. Downstairs is a big craft/activity room and fireplace. The shutters are attached this time. I think they did a great job.

Here's the interior. Note the cool lights.

You have to imagine the great view.

No veranda this time. You're either inside or on the porch. They use it a lot. Staff can eat out here if they want.

Sugarloaf. Yep, that's the old bell. If the photo were better you could see the hammer marks.

This is the new climbing wall. It is outside, but covered by the big back porch. They let me climb it. It's still not a cake walk, but is more appropriate for the learners. Being outside is actually nicer since you don't have to shout over the hoppers and moppers.

Recognize the boathouse? The old structure is still there, but with living quarters, aesthetic appeal, and no leaky roof.

View from the Alpine "honeymoon suite" tent (tent currently not up). The "cliffhangers" are gone.

New shower houses for everyone. This is Ranch, of course. Bordertrail hasn't changed a lot.

There is a bull moose in the center of this shot. The extreme dryness has forced lots of moose to forage in places they usually wouldn't. They were actually common this year. If you can't see the moose, enjoy the view.

Majestic. If you notice an orange tinge to the light, good eye. That's from the smoke of Utah flambe. You could smell it every now and again.

This concludes our photographic tour.

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