CALLISTO is our 206th rescue/foster.

CALLISTO 'R' FOSTER was with us from March 17th to April 19th, 2022.

Howler was also with us until March 20th; when she was released back into the neighborhood.
Daniel also overlapped with Callisto; he is another feral cat, who was released back into the neighborhood on April 12th after a long recovery from ear/teeth issues.
(Alas, as of April 20th, 2022, we have not seen Howler or Daniel since their release)

Callisto is also a feral cat that had been visiting us for about a year or so. Becky snagged her from the porch; I'd bet dollars to donuts she is Howler's sibling. I saw four cats playing in our backyard in the last months of summer this last year; I'm certain she and Howler were in the clowder! Anyway, on the 18th, Callisto went to the TNR clinic and recovered nicely from surgery; we had her for quite awhile trying to socialize her. She did improve, but clearly she will need a family who will be patient with her and accept her limitations. I think she will eventually be a very affectionate feline.

Callisto is a very different cat than Howler; she is still a little cautious but enjoys being petted and scrunched. Although she was captured under the TNR program (trap, neuter, release) she is not that feral and is very adoptable. She will make a good pet and will not have to live out the rest of her life as a homeless feline...YAY!


March 27th, 2022 - still with us; trying to socialize her for adoption.
April 3rd, 2022 - still working on socialization; she wants to be friendly, she just doesn't know how

April 17th, 2022 - making progress; she's sat on my lap a few times (with assistance from me!)

On April 19th, 2022 Callisto continued on with the rest of her story; she will be adopted by her forever family where she will, hopefully, live happily ever after. Good luck, girl!

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Other notable Callisto's