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Make sure your browser's email listing is set to use the account you want listed as a return address. If you are using someone else's account, I will not list it. I will only post information from the sender, so please do not try to give me another person's information. Have her or him contact me directly. You can use this form, or go the old way and contact me via email. Netscape 6 will not send the form, it will merely send me a blank email, so select the old way if you are using it. There is a separate form for adding or changing administration information. Information Form

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If this information is a request for a change in information, please list the information you wish to have altered or deleted.

Please share any comments on this site.

Thank you for trying the online form. You can now submit your information or click on the reset button to clear it. Please check the site in a few days to see if your information is listed accurately. If it is not there, email me at . One common reason I have not posted information is that it did not come from the account the person wanted listed. Use your own account!


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Submitting information the old way:
Carefully following directions increases the probability and speed of changes to the page.
To get your address on or off this list, or to change information, please check the current listing first. If your team isn't listed, or the information is outdated, send:
1. Your name
2. Your team's name
3. Your LAU and territory (and/or city, state, country, province, etc.)
4. Changes to the current listing (outdated information, typos, etc.)
5. Your email address (I'll only use the return address, but my browser won't always let me cut and paste it.)
to Becky at . Use your own account! If you are mailing from a web browser, make sure the account is your own. No "third party" nominations are accepted. Please check your listing a few days later for accuracy. A maximum of 3 contacts per team will be listed, so please inform me when contacts expire.

Adding administrative contact information

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To add information on administration, referee societies, etc., use this form or skip below it for directions on sending information by email.

Administration Information Form





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To add or update administrative information via email, please send:
1. Your name
2. Your position and/or organization
3. Your email address (I'll only use the return address, but my browser won't always let me cut and paste it.)
To Becky at . Use your own account! Please do not volunteer others. I will only use the email account that appears in the return address.
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