Suebob's Virtual Sand Collection Shelf

Last updated: Feb 2012

Being a fretter, I worry about losing my sand collection to all sorts of calamities...
tornados, floods, a comet striking the earth...
you know, the ordinary every-day events that could wipe out a sand collection in a nanosecond.

With those threats in mind, I decided I should at least get a pictorial record of all the sands I've managed to I created this page. It's also kind of nice to view my samples from afar whenever the need arises.

I wish my camera could provide closeups of the samples...some are very striking. I guess that will be a project for another day; a microscope to get really fantastic pictures. That will have to wait, until then, these images will have to do.

Most of the samples are marked, so you can see where they came from; click on the bordered image to see the larger picture...

Hey, maybe you recognize samples you have given me???

SAND images from suebob's Sand Collection.

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