1) Last Message Replay (LMR) is no longer being used. What is its replacement called?

2) A citizen caller identifying himself as Mike Conners (incoming x4788) asks if we know who towed his car. He gives you a plate, ABCXYZ. Who towed his car?

3) In question #2, you will create a CAD incident with what "type" for this call?

4) Enter your CAD entry for question #2.

5) Again, referring to Question #2, what is the CAD incident number where you found Mr Conners' tow information?

6) What is the other plate listed in the above mentioned CAD incident? (the other plate listed that is different than ABCXYZ, that is)

7) What is the website you should provide to citizens for reporting weather related FREEWAY accidents?

8) How many hours does a citizen have to report a weather related accident via the Milwaukee Sheriff's self reporting website?

9) You are on an non-emergency administrative call. A 911 call rings. What do you do?

10) What is the login username and password for the LMR voice logger replacement on Position 10?

11) If you choose to enter the "TR" modifying circumstance in the audit trail, what is the correct syntax?

12) You are transferring a call to MPD. You get a recording saying all of their call takers are busy, "please stay on the line" - what modifier do you use to indicate MPD is busy?

13) What is the password for the LMR voice logger replacement on Position 4?

Questions 14-17 refer to this image.

14) The above image is a screen shot of what tool we use in Communications?

15) There is a number one circled in red. It is pointing to a specific icon. In order to answer this question, you will have to open the appropriate program and hover over the icon to see the text label. What is the exact working of the text label for this icon?

16) If you click on the icon (in the program, not on the screenshot), what will it do?

17) In the image above, there is a number two circled in blue. It is pointing to a slider icon.

18) What is the website address that provides citizens with the State Patrol form for self-reporting accidents?

19) which MCSO positions have a radio console for the Waukesha Backup?

20) What is the password for the VPN login for WCIADDR3?

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