Suebob's favorite "Grand Canyon Dory Adventure" videos

Suebob and Becky's Grand Canyon Dory Adventure

From July 19th to August 1st, 2011 Becky and I were traveling through the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River by Dory. I can't speak for Becky, but these are some of my favorite videos from our trip. I haven't added all of my favorites yet, I'm sure that will take me another month!

Last updated, July, 2013


These are pretty large files; be prepared to wait for them to download... just an FYI.

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These are the videos I edited and (mostly) posted on Facebook. I like some better than others, but I thought I'd include them here anyway. See below for the original high definition images.

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These are the original high definition videos.
They are not edited in anyway, so be prepared for jiggling, jostling, screeches, out of focus images, pocket shots and other snafus. When you are on a bobbing Dory, it's hard to get a decent shot.

Good rapids

This was one of our first rapids...very exciting.

The Muav flips!

You can see Paul and Jeremy struggling to get on top of
the boat, Jim holding on for dear life on the left, Jeff
swimming toward the Dory from the left and James swimming to shore on the
far right. Clearly, James opted for "Plan C"


Lots of lizards; this guy was especially cooperative.

Great Blue Heron

There is a Great Blue Heron flying from the center left to the right, barely visible.
I also like this for the great view of the cliffs.
One of the amazing things about floating the river is you are very close to the cliffs; but you
realize soon enough the cliffs you see by the river are only a small part of the Grand Canyon.
The cliffs go on and on, up and up beyond the river, almost, it seems, to infinity.

Reflections at North Canyon

This video is shot in North Canyon; an hellacious hike, but worth it.
These are the rocks right above the pool, reflecting the light.
Very surrealistic.

North Canyon Panorama

Panoramic view at the North Canyon pool.

A Lovely day on the Colorado

This is one of my favorite videos of all; just a lovely calm river
and high cliffs on both sides. Wish I were there now.

Another Lovely view

This might be the same area; good view of 3 Dories.

Becky walking down to camp

A nice view of one of our camps; I don't remember what day this was,
but it was relatively early in the trip. Shows the kitchen area,
dining area, and provides a general view of what camp was like each night.

Redwall Cavern

This was an amazing place. This video is a panorama from about the center
of the cavern looking out onto the river. You can see
a silhouetted Becky in the first frames looking for something in her pockets.

Glorious cliffs

The cliffs were magnificent...I loved just floating down the river
looking up...up...and up.

Havasu Creek Trail

This is a good lesson in paying attention to the orientation of one's camera
when shooting video. It's also a very cool place
(just rotate your screen, if you can!)

Hermit Flip

Very jumpy video, but I was in a small boat on a river afterall...!

This shows the "Muav Team" climbing back on board their
ship after their 2nd flip.
Amy suffered a nasty bump on her head and
spent the rest of the trip sporting a nice black and blue "shiner" on her left eye.